Monday, November 5, 2012

D-GTMI JB lost to HBC Bait Attack

Elements of the HBC reinforced the D-GTMI jumpbridge this weekend in an effort to prompt a fight.  Alas the timer of the jumpbridge POS ended up latter than ideal.  Regardless ProviBloc geared up to attempt to defend the POS with the key handicap intention of denying capital kills.  ProviBloc formed a 110 man Naga/Nado fleet with around 10 logistics.

HBC deployed over 150 (including 7 dreads and 2 supercaps for the POS kill) men including a Rail Rohk Fleet and a Geddon fleet.  While Provibloc attempted to skirmish the firepower and size of the HBC fleet was too great and ProviBloc was forced to withdraw and seed the field, resulting in the loss of the Caldari POS and jumpbridge.

CVA and ProviBloc elements thanks those who were involved and notes those who didn't show up for a bloc wide CTA.


(Video from a HBC pilot POV)

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